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Field of application
  • robotic sanding cells
  • multifunctional robot stations (the robot can also assume other tasks in addition to sanding)
  • for all industrial sectors
  • independent of the processed material!
  • sanding discs available for many different materials:

metals, color, filler, paint, gelcoat, composites, fibreglass, hard and soft plastics, acryl glass, plastic and mineral stone, hard and soft wood, and many more…

For the first time ever, a company has succeeded in developing a fully automated system for changing velour-backed sanding discs.

The new Sanding Disc Master Station – SDM – therefore sets completely new standards in the field of automation technology and allows not only a fully automatic removal of worn discs, but also provides a high degree of flexibility due to its variable number of magazines when using multiple different abrasives with a single device.

In addition to the extremely economic robot standing process itself, this results in further cost savings.


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