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Robot Palletizing / Depalletizing

Palletizing found in more and more sectors for various applications encouragement.

Faster robots with higher load capacities, larger accessibility, affordable prices and thereby shorter payback periods, there are an increasing variety of applications.


However, the robot alone gives no overall application.

For working solution are for the respective application – optimum planning of the robot cell
– Adapted to the goods gripper
– The safety technology
– Accessibility and studies
– Cycle time determination required.


  • gesamtanlagen roboter applikationen fördertechnik sps motion sps technik

We can offer our customers from the concept creation through simulation, offering PLC programming, connection to the host computer or database systems, planning, control cabinet manufacturing, installation to commissioning the entire application.

For a variety of industries, we offer individual solutions:

– Automotive and supplier industry

– Logistics and distribution centers

– Food industry

– Wood industry




Depalletizing – quality control – palletizing



Storage and palletizing of injection molded parts

– Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

– Packaging industry

– Paper industry

– Glass, ceramics




Coil palletizing



Stacking and destacking of plasic pallets



Bag palletizing with stacking patterns