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Since our founding in 1992, we constantly implement projects in the steel and sheet metal processing.

Projects steel and sheet metal industry
LD converter 

Control: Simatic S5 115U, 26 control areas including visualization.

Stainless Converter 

Control:. Simatic S5 135U including visualization

Electric steel plant dust and water management 

Control: Simatic S5 135U, 3 control areas including visualization.

Tower-furnace Korea, United States 

Control: Simatic S5 135U, Simatic S7-400

Steel belt furnace Horizontal USA 

Control: Simatic S7-300

Ladle furnace Russia 

Control:. Simatic S5 135U including visualization

Material feeding electric steel plant Misurata Libya 

Control:. Simatic S5, 4 control areas including visualization Simatic WinCC

Dust extraction unit Netherlands

Control: Simatic S7-400

LD Steel work: ladle furnace, water, dust and converter 

Control: Simatic S7-400 Simatic WinCC visualization

Böhler Kapfenberg stainless steel dust and converters 

Control: Simatic S7-400, visualization: InTouch, Entire PLC Electrical

US Steel Kosice – Dust collectors, converters,  

Control: Simatic S7-400, visualization: InTouch

Tilting drives, slurry stopper, locking rings, transfer cars, dust extraction 

End users: BAO Steel China, POSCO, Kwangjang Korea, POSCO Pohang Korea, ZPSS Zhangjiagang Posco Stainless Steel, Mariupol Ilyich Ukraine, MA Maanshan Steel China, China MEISHAN

ZPSS- China: Electric oven, stainless steel converter,  

Control: Simatic S7-400, visualization: InTouch